The ways, the places and the people tell stories, and so Girls Love Hats is born, a Portuguese brand that engraves in each product the delicate and passionate process of the “Carefully Made By Hand”, a result of the dedication to traditional handmade production.

Girls Love Hats is “Free-Spirit” lifestyle, it represents the freedom to follow your own path in life, to take the journey that will lead us to new experiences and that inspires us in our everyday lives.

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The “empreita” technique has its origins in the Mediterranean area, it involves intertwining vegetable fibers used for the creation of several different objects. This palm leaf weaving (“empreita”) is one of the most representative traditional styles of the Algarve. It has this name because in the past this job was paid upon contract (“empreitada”). The need…

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Wearing a hat demands a certain level of self-confidence and know-how, it is an accessory that creates a signature style and it adds personality to any kind of look. The hat is a versatile item, it protects one from cold in the winter and from the sun in the summer. In the beginning, the objective…

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“Where there are nets there are weavers”

“Where there are nets there are weavers” – Portuguese saying. Weaving and lacing have first appeared in coastal areas, when men went out to the sea the women would stay ashore an occupy their time with weaving and lacing. Lace is type of open fabric that consists of intertwined lines that create several different shapes,…