The ways, the places and the people tell stories, and so Girls Love Hats is born, a Portuguese brand that engraves in each product the delicate and passionate process of the “Carefully Made By Hand”, a result of the dedication to traditional handmade production.

The thorough manufacturing process of the hats and baskets is based on the traditional Algarvian art of the molding of the palm, (“Empreita” in portuguese). The palm is a leaf taken from the dwarf palm tree (“chamaerops”), a typical species from the Algarve, the plant undertakes a special treatment and after is intertwined in different forms in order to create several different shapes.

Starting from this ancestral technique, we have reinvented the concept, striving to combine tradition with modernity in an eco-friendly manner, being the creation of environmentally friendly products one of our main goals.

Girls Love Hats is “Free-Spirit” lifestyle, it represents the freedom to follow your own path in life, to take the journey that will lead us to new experiences and that inspires us in our everyday lives. The materials are carefully mixed, putting together the colours and patterns with the memories that rush to my mind, and each piece that is brought to life by my hands is a representative of the a Boho Chic style.