About Us


Funder and Designer of GIRLS LOVE HATS Brand

Andreia costa

My passion for hats led me to create custom hats.

Each hat is handmade using the finest materials and are adorned with a special assortment of ribbons, trims, trinkets and feathers to give each hat its own unique look and feel.

It is magical how a hat can transform a person’s look and allow them to individualize their style and spirit.

The meticulous manufacturing of our baskets is the traditional Algarvian art of palm leaf woven baskets. The palm is a leaf taken from the dwarf palm tree, a typical plant of the Algarvian baroque, followed by a process of treatment and preparation, to finally be woven in the most diverse shapes, allowing us to create several utilitarian products.

We are focused on creating quality, sustainable products of lasting value that will stand the test of time. We believe in quality over quantity.

Our products tell stories; the story of time; the story of know-how.

Our Mission:

Creating Natural & Sustainable Products with the Process of “Carefully Made By Hand”