Wearing a hat demands a certain level of self-confidence and know-how, it is an accessory that creates a signature style and it adds personality to any kind of look.

The hat is a versatile item, it protects one from cold in the winter and from the sun in the summer. In the beginning, the objective of the hat was to protect one against the elements, but eventually it became something more, a symbol of power, and indicator of social status or cultural tradition. Nowadays hats are used by those that aim for style and charm, with no social distinction. Today, we can find hats of different colours, materials and designs. Here are a few examples:


With origin in Ecuador, this is a classic. It became internationally famous when the president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt used a panama hat during his visit to the Panama in 1906.

It is handmade with a closed weft using the leaves from the Carludovica Plant, also known as “Paja Toquilla”, a type of palm tree native to the Ecuador. The main craftsmen can be found in the cities of Cuenca and Montecristo. The Panama Hat has a slight depression on the sides and an elongated crown. The brim can be short or long. The thinner and stronger the weft is the more perfect and valuable the hat is. Nowadays it is possible to find this model in its original version but also version made of synthetic fibers. And the options concerning quality and value are left to the buyer.


The Fedora Hat can also be called Borsalino, named after its creator Guiseppe Borsalino, founder of the traditional Italian brand of hats and man accessories and who has always claimed to the right for the patent of the Fedora Model.

The model became popular after being used by an actress during the theater play Vaudeville Fedora, directed by the French Victorien Sardou, and the actress was none other than Sarah Bernhardt, the play premiered in Paris in 1882.

The Fedora hat has a crown in a C shape (due to the pressure on the centre) and the brim, which is medium size, can be straight or slightly curved on the side, originally this hat was produced in felt, nowadays however it is possible to find this hat in several other materials, such as synthetic straw, different fabrics and in a wide range of colours.


The cowboy hat model was invented by John B. Stetson, the hat creator that founded the American brand under his name in 1865. This model became the most well-known of the Stetson brand and it is one of the great symbols of the American culture.

The cowboy hat has hugely recognizable features with its tall elongated crown, which is strongly pressed in 3 different points, and broad brims strongly folded on the sides. This hat used to be made of leather (synthetic or original) but today you can find models in felt and synthetic straw. Light colours are usually preferred, but dark colours are also an option.


During the 70’s the Floppy hats were the “must have” of the decade, helping to improve the hippie look. The actress Brigitte Bardot was a great fan of this type of hat, which she used and abused. The most common material is the felt, but the velvet, wool and other fluid fabrics also create nice models of this hat. This hat has a round crown and broad brims usually wavy and malleable, and it can be used to complement a sophisticated style or to improve a Boho look.


The Boater hat is also known as the “Chapéu Palheta”, and its origin dates back to the XIX Century when it started to be used in the canoeing competitions in the USA.. During the 30’s and the 40’s, Brazilian bohemians adopted the hat in Rio de Janeiro, and it became a stereotype of the typical Brazilian scallywag.

The boater hat has a straight and short brim, and the crown is round, of medium size and flat. It was originally made in straw, with a stiff structure and it has kept his main features until today.


This particular model appeared in the late XIX Century, as a replacement of the top hats. It was created in England in 1846 by request of the politician Edward Coke to the hat makers Thomas & William Bowler of the Lock and Company factory.

This hat was initially called Coke Hat, but since it was already a tradition to name the hats after their creators the hat became known as Bowler hat. In the USA it is called Derby hat.

It is a hard hat with a flattened round crown and a round brim strongly curved all around, originally made in felt of wool or in felt of fur. Usually the dark colours are the most sought out.

The Bowler hat became quite popular in England until the 60’s, it was associated to businessmen and financial power. And it became famous worldwide due to Charlie Chaplin’s character Charlot.


The Pork Pie at appeared in 1830, used by English and American women during the American Civil War. It made a huge comeback in the USA during the 20’s due to being used by Buster Keaton, a greatest rival of Charlie Chaplin in silent movies. During the 30’s it became popular among jazz musicians, an example of this is the saxophone player Lester Young.

This model got this name because it was similar to the pork pies (traditional English pies made with pork).

The Pork Pie hat has a short round crown and there is a crease that follows a line in the inner part of the crown, the brims are short and slightly curved. It was originally made in felt, today you can find it not only in felt but also in other materials such as leather, canvas or other fabrics. Some models have a few upgrades, like feathers on the sides.

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